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1-Star Dog Program


This program is Basic On-Leash Obedience & Manners Training

Commands Taught: Sit, Down, Stay, Heel, Come, and Place

Behaviors Treated: Jumping, Nipping, Nuisance Barking, Pulling on Leash, and Chewing

Duration: 3 Weeks (21 Trained Days)

2 Private lessons Included
Training collar provided
Training around distractions
*E-Collar Not Included

2-Star Dog Program


This program is On-Leash with the beginnings of Off-Leash Training.

Off-Leash training is taught in a fun  and engaging tone and environment.

Duration: 4 Weeks (28 Trained Days)

           3 Private lessons Included             Training collar provided
precise obedience
Long duration & distance stay
Greater Distraction training
Sit and Down in Motion
*E-Collar Not Included

3-Star Dog Program


          This program contains both              on-leash and complete off-leash.

By the end of this package your dog will be able to accomplish everything On and Off-Leash with precision and excitement.

Duration: 6 Weeks (42 Trained Days)

Off-Leash Heel, Sit, Down, Place
Stay, Sit, Down at 50+ feet away, and
Complete Off-Leash Control

4 Private lessons Included
Training collar provided
         Everything Included in Both of the                         1-star & 2-star Programs               E-Collar is Included

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